Pre-K & K

Kindergarten Resources

K-1 Math
Kindergarten Fun
Giraffian Dictionary
ABCmouse (only available at school)
Coins for Candy
Kindergarten Links
Math Links
Kindergarten Word Work Symbaloo
Kindergarten Social Studies/Science Symbaloo

Color Games

Bloople's Colors
Color Match
Color Me!
Colors and Shapes
Find the Color!
Colors Bingo
Color Sort


I Spy Shapes
Paint the Shape
Shapes and Colors
Which is the Shape?
Shape Learning
Shapes Construction

Letter Recognition

Connect the Dots - ABC Order!
Alphabet BINGO
Alphabet Match
Letter Matching
ABCD Watermelon
Starfall ABC
SUPER WHY! Alpha Bricks


Fuzz Bugs Patterns
Moon Rock Patterns
Pattern Matcher
Shape Patterns
Transfer Patterns
Pattern Match
Floyd's Pattern Quiz
Pattern Player
Make a Pattern

Literacy Links
Carve a Pumpkin
Pumpkin Spookathon
The Pumpkin Farm
Pumpkin Snack Game
Musical Scarecrow
Dress up Scarecrow
George Shrinks!
Eric Carle
Open Wide and Trek Inside - Teeth!
Visit the Dentist with Marty
Dental Defenders Video
How To Take Care of Your Teeth Videos

Bon Appetite
Sid the Science Kid Mix it up
Matching Foods Memory
Fun Food Puzzles
Talking My Plate

Clifford's Hide & Seek - Hearing
Senses Wheel
Dog Ears
Sound Match Game
Scented Riddles
Reading Simple Sentences
Sequencing Pictures
Ant Diagram
Archibald Ant Game
Ant Body
Ant Nest
PebbleGo Ants
Great Bug Off
World of Ants
Ant Parade
The Lucky Seed
Growing plants
Watch it Grow
Getting to Know Plants
Label the Plant
Life Cycle of Plants