Second Grade

Second Grade Resources

K-1 Math
2-3 Math
Harcourt Math Learning Site
Surf Swell Island
2nd Gr Social Studies Symbaloo

Daniel Kirk
Library Mouse Read-Aloud
Library Mouse Book Trailer
Library Mouse Museum Adventure Book Trailer

Cyberchase PBS KIDS
That's a Fact Math
Geometry Hidden Picture
Attributes of Solid Figures
Loading Shapes
Solid Figure Factory
Buried Shapes

Webrangers Activity: Reading a Map
4 Map Skills
Match the Map Symbols
Go! George Go! | PBS Kids

Diorama Directions
Shoebox Dioramas
Three-Sided Dioramas
Making a Diorama
Into the Book!
Elements of a Story
Thanksgiving Games
Poetry Splatter
Poetry Engine
Big Babies Poetry
Magnet Poetry
More About Poetry
Concrete Poetry
Diamante Poems
Shape Poems

CultureGrams Kids Edition: The World
Time for Kids Around the World
Explore Countries -- National Geographic Kids
Countries of the World

CultureGrams: Minnesota
Minnesota - Enchanted Learning
Minnesota State Symbols
State Symbols Game
Animals of Minnesota
Minnesota Wildflowers
Mingo's guide to Minnesota
Gibbs Farm Museum
US Mint
White House for Kids
Visit the Dentist with Marty
Open Wide and Trek Inside - Teeth!
Mouth and Teeth
Nothing but the Tooth
Healthy Teeth
The Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman Vocabulary Quilt
US Symbols
Monuments in Washington, D.C.
Symbols @ Enchanted Learning
American Symbols Quiz

Reindeer Hoofprint

Common Loons
The Common Loon - EEK!
Loon Life
Common Loon Dance
Common Loon Photo Gallery
All About Loons
Loon Behavior
Birds of Minnesota: Common Loon

Continent Copycat
World Quiz
Click on the Continents & Oceans
Drag the Continents
World Atlas
Interactive World Map

Balloon Noun Game
Proper Nouns
Grammar Blast - Nouns and Pronouns
Grammar Blast - Nouns
Word Invasion
Clean Up Your Grammar
Noun Dunk
Rats! - Common and Proper Nouns

Figurative Language

Idiom Games
Metaphor Examples
Simile Examples
Super Similes
Animal Similes
Simile Match
Analogy Game
Analogy Video
Analogies for Kids
Awesome Analogies


Which One?
Super Match
Pairs Word Game
Finish the Sentence


Synonym Match
Synonym Quick Pairs
Squanky the Tooth Taker
Double Synonym Match
Synonyms and Antonyms

A Walk in the Woods
The Great Plant Escape
Biology of Plants
Life Cycle of Plants
Parts of a Plant
Label the Plant
Magic School Bus Plants

Marc Brown
Patricia Polacco
Make a Flake

First Americans
Lakota Winter Counts
Native American Chart
Native American Pictures
North American Indian Photos
NativeStock Pictures
Indian Peoples of the Great Plains
Indian Portraits
Tribal Maps

Prefix Meaning Match
Prefix Match Memory
Bitesize Prefixes
Prefix Sort
Roots and their Families
Root Word Guess
Rooting Out Words

Apple Time
Identify the Hour
Dragon Time
What Time Is It?
Clock Wise
Columns of Time
Clock Wise 2
Stop the Clock

Ology - Biodiversity
Blue Planet
Ecology Kids
Ecology Facts
Wild Wetlands
Kids Ecology Corps

Crazy Horse
Sitting Bull
Sequoyah Museum