Site Team

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Definition: Site Based Decision Making is a decentralized process in which decisions and recommendations are made by stakeholders, including building employees, parents, community representatives, students and others determined as appropriate members.

Article I: Mission Statements

South Washington County District 833 Mission Statement

The mission of South Washington County Schools is to empower all learners with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for success.

Red Rock Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of Red Rock Elementary School is to provide learning experiences for a lifetime of success.

Article II: Site Team

It will be the responsibility of the Site Team to carry out the mission of Red Rock Elementary School by establishing procedures and goals in accordance with the district policy, contractual agreements, and all state and federal requirements.

Site Team will address issues and concerns that are brought to them, or that they become aware of through other communication channels. The Team will act on these issues and concerns or recommend alternative resolutions. The Site Team will review the School Improvement Plan and direct the guidelines for use of staff development funds. Site Team will also be involved in school resource allocation.

Article III: Membership

The Site Team will include: one classroom teacher from each grade level, one specialist teacher, one special education teacher, one support staff member, four to six parents, and administrator(s). Membership may also include business or community partners.

Article IV: Definition of Roles

Section 1: Officers

The officers of Site Team will include a facilitator or co-facilitator, a recorder, and a time-keeper.

The positions will be filled by site team volunteers. This will be determined at the May meeting. An election will be held if necessary.

Section 2: Roles and Responsibilities

The facilitator/co-facilitators will:

  • gather input from the membership to determine the meeting agendas
  • meet with administrator to review agenda items, determine the allotted amount of time to be given to each item, and submit the agenda to members one week before the meeting.
  • preside at all meetings of the team

The recorder will:

  • record and disseminate the minutes of the Site Team meetings to Site Team members, staff members, a district service center representative, and a teacher's union representative.

All Site Team members will:

  • attend and participate in meetings
  • serve as communication link with group they represent – bringing information to Site Team and sharing information after the meeting
  • support the district and building mission
  • support the Site Team goals
  • agree to support Site Team decisions
  • one team member will act as a liaison with the school PTO.
  • a Site Team representative will be chosen to serve as the Red Rock Elementary School District Service Network (DSN) representative.

Article V: Process for Representative Election

Section 1: Membership Election

All building staff members and parents will be notified of Site Team vacancies in March. A ballot for election of members will include all volunteers and nominees. An election will be held in April. Each group will vote for representatives from their group only.

The election process for building staff members is as follows: a ballot and collection envelope will be placed on the office counter. Staff members will cross-off their name on a staff list as they vote. Ballots will be counted by two staff members (a teacher and a support staff member) who are not on the ballot.

If every member of a representative group has the opportunity to accept a nomination, or self-nominate, and only one person expresses an interest in running, then the election is uncontested, and ballot voting is not necessary.

The election process for parents is as follows: a ballot will be publicized in the April newsletter. Parents may send their vote to the office for collection. The ballots will be counted by two parents who are not on the ballot.

Section 2: Replacement of Members

In the event of a vacancy, the representative group will elect a representative as soon as possible to fill the vacancy.

Section 3: Term of Office

The term of office is two years and will begin and end with the May meeting.

A member may serve beyond two consecutive terms of office if no other volunteer members are available to fill the vacancy.

Section 4: Meetings

The number of meetings (dates and times) per year will be determined by the current SITE team at the August meeting of the current school year.

Article VI: Decision Making Method

Site Team will make decisions based upon consensus of the group. If a decision cannot be reached by consensus, the Team members will seek additional input from their representative group before a vote is taken. Two-thirds of the membership present will be the decision-making authority.

Consensus is defined as: all points of view are heard, the will of the group is evident, even to those who most oppose it.

Article VII: Ratifying the Constitution

The parent community and the staff members will vote to ratify the Constitution. The Constitution will be ratified by a simple majority vote of all votes collected.

Article VIII: Amending the Constitution

The Constitution will be followed as written. The process for amending the Constitution is as follows:

  • a Site Team committee will draft amendments or changes to the Constitution
  • a draft of the proposed amendments or changes will be presented to the Site Team
  • a 2/3 vote of the Site Team membership is needed to amend or change the Constitution

Article IX: Annual Review Process

The Constitution will be reviewed annually during the August/September meeting. The Constitution will be disseminated annually to the parent community. The Constitution will be presented annually to the Red Rock staff members at a staff meeting.