Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Resources

  4-5 Math
  That's a Fact Math
  Online Multiplication Flash Cards
  Snork's Long Division Game
  Long Division
  Division Millionaire
  Decimal Number Bonds
  Hungry Puppies Decimals
  Decention Decimals
  Puppy Pull Decimals
  Soccer Math Adding Decimals
  Fruit Splat Compare Decimals
  Converting Fractions to Decimals
  Magnets and Springs
  Magnets and Compasses
  Stuck on Junk
  Magnetism and Conductivity
  TrueFlix Magnets
  BrainPop Magnets

Digital Citizenship

  Mount Rainier - Online News Article
  Mount Rainier - Professional Site
  Mammals - Online News Article
  Mammals - Professional Site

I Wonder...

  How Stuff Works
  How Everyday Things Are Made
  Invention and Innovation
  Goldburger to Go
  Cracking Ideas
  EdHeads Compound Machine
  PIE Playfully Inventing and Exploring
  Poetry Sites
  Magnet Poetry
  Poetry Splatter
  Big Babies Poetry
  Mission US - Cheyenne Odyssey
  Today in History
  This Day in Minnesota History
  What Happened This Day
  Fourth Grade Word Work Symbaloo
  Meaning of Names
  Change Maker
  Making Change
  Just Kids Making Change
  Counting Change
  Election 2012 - TIME For Kids
  Chasing Vermeer Webquest
  Funbrain measure
  Measurement Links
  Math Nook Measurement
  Water Pollution for Kids
  Water Pollution Guide
  Mississippi River Facts
  Mississippi River Britannica Online
  Experience Mississippi River
  Mississippi River - Sheppard Site
  Historic Fort Snelling
  Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster
  Learner's Dictionary
  Word Central
  Great State Race
  Foss Science
  Crystal Cave
  It's My Life
  Learning Locator
  Locate the States
  Place the State
  Penguin Hop US States and Capitals
  State Capitals
  States Web Games
  Get Lost Compass Game
  Copycat Geography
  World Continents & Oceans
  Quiz Your Noodle: Geography Facts Quiz
  Landforms Glossary
  BrainPOP Jr. - Land
  World Landforms
  Types of Land
  Choose a Landform
  StudyJams Landforms
  Latitude and Longitude
  Geography Word-o-Rama
  Map Games
  Where Is That?
  Compasses and Directions
  Map Skills
  Reading a Map
  Save Sam!
  You're in Charge
  McGruff Safety Games
  Crack the Code Fire Safety Game
  Safety Land - Captain Broadband Game
  Convection, Conduction and Radiation - Cook It!
  Circuits & Conductors
  Keep Warm! - Heat Transfer
  Beat the Heat
  Heat Quiz
  Science Kids!

Pros and Cons

  No Homework
  Ban Homework?
  Discontinue Homework?
  Require School Uniforms?
  School Uniforms
  Creativity and School Uniforms
  Uniforms help learning?
  School Uniforms and Peer Pressure
  Unhealthy/Healthy Food
  Great Lunch Debate
  Healthy School Lunch
  Healthier Food
  Year Round School
  Year Round School and Economics
  Change to Year Round School
  Should School be Year Round?
  Should Schools have Pools?
  No Recess
  Do We Need Recess?
  Middle School Recess

Figurative Language

  What is Figurative Language?
  Figurative Language Flash Cards
  Figures of Speech Hangman
  Eye on Idioms
  Idioms Game
  Paint by Idioms
  Idioms - Which One?
  Idiom Match
  Metaphor Examples
  Hyperbole Examples
  Simlie Practice
  Simile Examples
  Super Similes
  Animal Similes
  Simile Match
  Wizards and Pigs - Alliteration
  Space Spins - Alliteration
  Symmetry Game
  Lines of Symmetry
  Symmetry Artist
  Sammy's Symmetry Shuffle
  Dot Symmetry
  Identify which symmetry
  Symmetry Shapes
  Is it Symmetry?