Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Resources

  4-5 Math
  Fifth Grade Math Symbaloo
  Fifth Grade Social Studies Symbaloo
  Fifth Grade Lit Symbaloo
  3D Shapes - Geometry
  Loyalist or Patriot?

Project Mulberry Resources

  Linda Sue Park Author Info
  Linda Sue Park Bio and Interview
  CultureGrams - South Korea
  About Korea
  About Kimchee
  Silkworm Information
  From Worm to Silk
  Silkworm Lifecycle Pictures
  Mulberry Tree & Silkworms

Night of the Twisters Resources

  Night of the Twisters Publisher Site
  The Real Night of the Twisters
  Platte River - Britannica Online
  Platte River - National Wildlife Federation
  South Platte River - Google Maps
  Cloud Types
  ID a Cloud
  Dangerous Weather
  Severe Weather

How to Eat Fried Worms Resources

  Book Info - Wikipedia
  Worm World
  The Adventures of Herman the Worm
  Worm Farm
  Why are worms slimy?
  Earthworm Facts
  Invertebrates for Kids
  Kids Against Bullying
  It's My Life - Bullies
  Can You Eat Worms?
  10 Most Unusual Foods People Eat
  10 Weird Foods from Around the World
  Gonna Eat That?
  10 Bizarre Foods
  Who Represents You?
  TV411 Newspaper Activities
  Jamestown Online Adventure
  Young Inventors Program
  MCA Practice Test
  Virtual Jamestown
  James Fort Rediscovered
  Jamestown Rediscovery
  Historic Jamestowne
  Constitutional Sources Project
  Revolutionary War Web Hunt
  Intolerable Acts
  Day of the Week Calculator
  Battle of Trenton
  Martin Luther King Jr Chronology
  Lewis and Clark Journal
  Cells Alive!
  Cell Explorer
  Cells - KidsBiology
  Cells are the Starting Point
  Cell Activities
  Who wants to be a millionaire - Cells
  Cell Anatomy
  The Inner Life of the Cell - Video
  Great Plant Escape
  Food Chains
  Heart and Circulation
  The Circulatory System
  Your Heart & Circulatory System
  Map of the Human Heart
  The Virtual Body
  Circulatory System
  Heart and circulatory system — How they work
  Your Lungs & Respiratory System
  Movie: The Respiratory System
  Respiratory System - KidsBiology
  Respiratory System - Videos & Games
  Inside the Human Body
  eLearning for Kids - Respiratory System
  MAP Math
  MAP Reading
  Plimoth Plantation
  Wacky Web Tales
  Mad Libs Online
  Make a Flake
  LHS Science Games
  It's My Life
  Secrets of Lost Empires
  Medieval Coat of Arms
  MCA Practice Tests
  My Report Links
  Walt Disney World
  Super 8 Orlando
  Strange Matter
  Mankato Home Page
  Travels with Derek
  Velcro Crop
  Brain Pop - Voting
  Hands-on Banking
  Peanuts & Crackerjacks
  Financial Fitness
  Money Metropolis
  Rooney Design Games